Uses of Floor Care Plant Trays:

Orchid Humidity Tray
Orchids and other tropical plants love humidity but donít want to sit in water.  When the plants are placed on humidity trays the pebbles allow the water to drain down beneath the plants.  As the water evaporates out of the pebble tray it creates a microclimate of humidity that is beneficial to the orchid.

Outdoor and Indoor 
Patio Containers
Plant containers placed on decks and patios will damage and stain the wood or stone surface.  Placing the plant container on a Floor Care Plant Stand will allow water to drain through the pot and evaporate.  The elevated plant stand will also deter the entry of earwigs and other damaging insects that enter the pot through the drainage holes.

Tabletop plants and flowers
Now you will be able to display your favorite plant or floral display without any worry about your furniture.  No more white water rings, raised wood grain or scratching. 
Floor Care Plant Trays & Stands are safe to place on your finest furniture.

Hardwood floors
With Floor Care Plant Trays & Stands you will be able to safely decorate with live plants on your hardwood floors.  Moisture damage that stain the floors and the seams between the wood pieces will no longer occur.  As the color of the wood floor ages with time, any object placed directly on the wood will cause the wood to age a different tone.  With the light allowed to pass under the Floor Care Plant Trays the definition of discoloration is diminished.

Carpeted floors
Stains and damage to carpeting is a problem as the carpet and pad act as a blotter, absorbing the water and trapping the moisture between a flat plant tray or container. 
With Floor Care Plant Trays and Stands the moisture is given the opportunity to evaporate before the carpet backing, pad and subfloor are ruined. Place  Floor Care Plant Stands under decorative pots that do not have drainage holes.  These pots will condense moisture also and need to be elevated from the floor surface.

Holiday Decoration
Use your Floor Care Plant Trays and Stands as platforms under your decorative centerpieces and blooming plants.  They also work very well as a container on which to arrange your decorative pieces.  Remember your plant loving friends. Floor Care Plant Trays and Stands make great stocking stuffers.

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